Riccione Spa

A stay in Riccione is to find yourself in a city where the entertainments are the kings, thanks to the sea, discotheques, premises on the sea and the acceptance of us, Inhabitants of Romagna, that render us unsurpassable for the bathing tourism. Then if we think to the Spa of Riccione, comes in our mind a well-being place, thanks to warm and relaxant thermal waters, all in a modern plant.

History of the Spa of  Riccione

In the Ancient Roman Time only the sources existed in Riccione, in one of which was found a stone slab where it was written: “Viator siste gradum – ab aqua decorated miraculis habebis” translate in the common language “you will be recovered, traveller, if you will stop yourself and drink from this miraculous water. “; the Roman carried the horses to drink and to make them rest and to reorganize after long battles. then there were various important personages in the history who came to relax and to try the beneficial property of thermal waters: from emperor Diocleziano to Queen Cristina of Sweden after a visit to the gentlemen of Riccione to the Agolanti’s castle. The waters of the Spa of Riccione have been analyzed for the first time in the 1890 from the Conte Pullè to the Ceccarini Hospital in Riccione but even they were recognized like wellness waters against the hepatic insufficiency thanks to its mineral salts it still wasn’t constructed a true thermal spa resort; only in the 80’s it was constructed, now the renamed, Thermal center of Riccione.

The waters

The waters that spring out of the 4 sources of the Spa of Riccione are all of sulphureous-salso-bromo-iodic type and each one of the 4 is used in order to cure various pathologies.
The water of the Source Isabella has an elevated salt concentration and is used for all the allergic shapes, cutaneous eruptions, eczemas, acne and furunculosis.
The water of the Source Adriana is rich of magnesium with a high mineralization. It has an effectiveness against the allergic shapes and cutaneous affections in general terms and thanks to its elevated degree of salt, makes the water Adriana particularly indicated in the idrokinesi-therapies.
The water of the Source Celestina is light with a component of sodium chlorinated and has demonstrated a high depurative, refreshing and strengthening action on the organism. It’s effective in several diseases of the stomach and the depurative apparatus, it has a stimulating effect on the diuresis.
The water of the Source Claudia is used in specific way in the diseases of the liver and the biliary ways and has a greater depurative action.

Riccione Spa

Nowadays both women and men want to appear with a pleasant aspect and an enviable physical shape. The Spas of Riccione offer to the customers the possibility of massages, complete treatments for the face, neck and breast, push-therapy, the linfo-draining and many other aesthetic cures that will give to Your skin elasticity and freshness, also the muscles of the face will resume tone. The Spas of Riccione are used also for re-ambulating, the heat of the water thermal raises the threshold of sensibility to the pain determining also a general muscular relaxing. The modern establishment is situated just a few meters from the sea, encircled from 40.000 mq of vegetation.

Some examples of thermal cures:

Therapeutic Mud and Baths – Arthritis and reumatistic Baths – Dermatological Baths – Cycle of the peripheral vascular-pathology – Cures through aerial ways – Cycle of cures for the Rinogena Deafness – Integrated Cycle of the Pulmonary Ventilation – Idropinica Cure (Drink)… And many other cures that wait for You to the Spas of Riccione.

Our hotel has conventions with the Spas of Riccione!!!